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 ====== Download and Installation Guide ====== ====== Download and Installation Guide ======
-The latest MaxQuant release is: **[[maxquant:​user:​change log|]]** 
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
-Downloading and using the software is free of charge, but you must register first. You will receive an email with a registration code that you can use any time you want to download a new version. If you already have a registration code, you can skip Step 1.+Downloading and using the software is free of charge. ​
-  - First time users should go to the registration page of [[​mpg/​mmbc/​maxquant_input.nsf/registration?​OpenForm|MaxQuant]]. The Viewer and Andromeda are packaged with MaxQuant, but in case you want to use Andromeda'​s stand-alone version you can register [[https://​​mpg/​mmbc/​mann/​andromeda_input.nsf/​registration?​OpenForm|here]]+Simply download from [[|here]] and unpack ​the compressed file //​​.
-    - Fill out the Registration form. +
-    - Accept the {{:​license_agreement.pdf|MaxQuant Freeware Software License Agreement}} at the bottom. +
-    - Press "​Submit"​. +
-  - You will soon receive an E-Mail with the URL for downloading the software ​and a personal registration code. +
-    - Open the download page of [[https://​​mpg/​mmbc/​maxquant_input.nsf/​download?​OpenFrameset|MaxQuant]] or [[https://​​mpg/​mmbc/​mann/​andromeda_input.nsf/​download?​OpenFrameset|Andromeda'​s stand alone version]] in your browser. +
-    - In the text box, enter your registration code. +
-    - Press "​Submit"​. +
-  - You will be forwarded to the webpage where you can download the latest version to your computer. +
-  - Unpack ​the compressed file //​​+
 ===== Running ===== ===== Running =====
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