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MaxQuant is a quantitative proteomics software package designed for analyzing large mass-spectrometric data sets. It is specifically aimed at high-resolution MS data. Several labeling techniques as well as label-free quantification are supported. MaxQuant is freely available and can be downloaded from this site. The download includes the search engine andromeda, which is integrated into MaxQuant as well as the viewer application for inspection of raw data and identification and quantification results. For statistical analysis of MaxQuant output, we offer the Perseus framework.

To run MaxQuant, you will need .NET framework 4.5 as well as the MSFileReader for Thermo data and/or SQLite for Bruker data (you can find a manual here). If you use Windows you should have Vista or newer.

Documentation outline

This documentation is organized as a wiki, so if you find anything that is wrong or hard to understand, in most cases you can fix it yourself. The wiki can be browsed by using the links below or by searching with the box in the upper right. Anyone is allowed to read the wiki, but to make changes you will have to register and login using the button in the upper right.

For additional training, consider attending the annual MaxQuant Summer School. Also watching some MaxQuant videos provides more insight.


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Note that the paper has a large supplement containing in-depth descriptions of algorithms.

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