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 ====== contaminants.fasta ====== ====== contaminants.fasta ======
-The contaminants file can be found in any MaxQuant installation under ''​MaxQuant/​bin/​conf/​contaminants.fasta''​. See the [[common:​download_and_installation#​Download and Installation Guide]].+The **contaminants file** can be found in any MaxQuant installation under 
 +  * MaxQuant/​bin/​conf/​contaminants.fasta 
 +It can also be downloaded separately from the MaxQuant download page, or directly from this link: 
 +  * [[http://​​mpg/​mmbc/​maxquant_input.nsf/​7994124a4298328fc125748d0048fee2/​$FILE/​contaminants.fasta]] 
 +See the [[common:​download_and_installation#​Download and Installation Guide]].
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