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Isobaric labeling category



Isobaric labeling profile

The profile for annotation the channels of the data. Basically, the columns of “Experiments” and “Channels” are mandatory. The contents of “Experiments” should match to the “Experiments” that was set in MaxQuant. The “Channels” is one-based system, and the order is from light mass to heavy mass. The “Names” column can be added for renaming the main columns if it is necessary. The renaming type can be specified by “The type for renaming main columns”. The other information can be added flexibly based on the user's needs. Please check an example using tab as the delimiter without “Names” columns:

Delimiter of profile

The delimiter of profile can be specified here.

the type for renaming main columns

Specifying the renaming type if the “Names” column is contained in the profile. “Only replace the experiment names and channel indices” will use the content of “Names” column to replace the experiment names and channel indices of the names of main columns. “Extend” will extend the names of main columns by the contents of the “Names” columns. “Replace” will replace the names of the main columns by the contents of the “Names” columns.

Parameter window

Perseus pop-up window: Isobaric labeling -> Annotation from profile

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