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 +<!-- This comment and the line above it must be preserved when editing this file!
 +The recommended sections are these, but they may be changed on a case by case basis.
 +===== Detailed description =====
 +===== Parameters =====
 +===== Theoretical background =====
 +===== Examples =====
 +Make changes only below this line! -->
 +===== Parameters =====
 +==== The min. percentage of valid values ====
 +This is for checking the quality of the samples. If the percentage of invalid values of a column are more than "The min. percentage of valid values",​ the column will be removed from the matrix.
 +==== Invalid values ====
 +Using "​NaN"​ or "​0"​ as the invalid values.
 +==== Parameter window ====
 +{{ :​perseus:​user:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​isobariclabeling:​filtercolumns.png?​direct|Perseus pop-up window: Isobaric labeling -> Filter columns}}
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