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-====== Expand multi-numeric and string columns ====== +{{page>perseus:noedit:user:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​rearrange:expandmultinumeric}} 
- +<!-- This comment and the line above it must be preserved when editing this file! 
-===== General ===== +The recommended sections are these, but they may be changed on a case by case basis
- +===== Detailed description ​=====
-  * Type: [[perseus:activities#​Matrix Processing]] +
-  * Heading[[perseus:activities#​Rearrange]] +
-  * Source codehttps://​​JurgenCox/​perseus-plugins/​blob/​master/​PerseusPluginLib/​Rearrange/​ExpandMultiNumeric.cs +
- +
-===== Description ​===== +
- +
-Distribute multiple values per cell in a multi-numeric column over multiple  +
-rows. For each row in the original matrix there will be as many rows created as there are numbers in the  +
-cell of the multi-numeric column. If multiple multi-numeric columns are selected they have to have the  +
-same number of values in every row. Elements of string columns, if one is selected, are interpreted as  +
-semicolon-separated. They also have to have the same number of semicolon-separated elements as there are values in  +
-the cell(s) of the multi-numeric columns(s). +
 ===== Parameters ===== ===== Parameters =====
-==== Multi numeric columns and text columns ==== 
-Selected multi numeric/​text columns will be expanded (default: no columns are selected) using the procedure mentioned in the[[perseus:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​rearrange:​expandmultinumeric:​Description|perseus:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​rearrange:​expandmultinumeric:​Description]].  ​ 
-==== Parameter window ==== 
-{{:​perseus:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​rearrange:​rearrange-expand_multi-numeric_and_text_columns-edited.png|Pop-up window: Rearrange -> Expand multi numeric and string columns}} 
 ===== Theoretical background ===== ===== Theoretical background =====
 +===== Examples =====
 +Make changes only below this line! -->
 +===== Parameters =====
 +==== Multi-numeric columns ====
 +Selected multi-numeric columns that should be expanded using the procedure mentioned in the description section above (default: no columns are selected).
 +==== Text columns ====
 +Selected text columns that should be expanded using the procedure mentioned in the description section above (default: no columns are selected). ​
-===== Examples =====+\\
 +==== Parameter window ====
 +{{perseus:​user:​activities:​matrixprocessing:​rearrange:​rearrange-expand_multi-numeric_and_text_columns-edited.png?​direct|Perseus pop-up window: Rearrange -> Expand multi numeric and string columns}}
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