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Change log

[] - 2017-07-26


  • Enabled saving of large sessions due to changes in the way annotation rows and columns are serialized
  • Fixed a bug in one-sided volcano plot, where processing would never finish.
  • Configuring scatter plot [Perseus-129].
  • Resize tables after loading session [Perseus-123].
  • Find dialog stays on top [Perseus-125].
  • Histogram: Change number of bins and select from imputation [Perseus-118].
  • Fix font-selection [Perseus-122].
  • Fix bug in annotation creation that made filtering rows crash [Perseus-132].


  • Process text columns now includes an optional replacement string.
  • Report version number of .sps session file on failed load [Perseus-14].


  • Volcano Plot: Reordered parameters to be consistent with the interface of the 'Two sample test'. Group 1 is now on the right side of the plot. The x-axis label was adjusted accordingly.

[] - 2017-03-13


  • Winforms based GUI.

[] - 2016-10-31


  • Width adjustment - correct behaviour also on very small sample size due to change of definition of quantiles.


  • Numeric venn diagram now also possible on numerical columns.
  • Replace missing from gaussion possible on numerical columns.
  • Overview in workflow window.

[] - 2016-06-30


  • Reitroduced non-null check in FloatMatrixIndexer which avoids some crashes.
  • Crash in 'Categorical annotation rows' avoided.

[] - 2016-06-29


  • Critical bug in NGS importer fixed that lead to crashes.
  • Bug in 'Matching rows by name' fixed that resulted in crashes after applying 'Combine main columns' to one of the input matrices.

[] - 2016-06-27


  • Changed annotation download link to [Perseus-120].

[] - 2016-06-16


  • Feature set corresponds to what is described in the publication Tyanova et al. (2016) Nature Methods, doi:10.1038/nmeth.3901.
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